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This is an Online System, provided by the Maharashtra Government, that allows to register Rent Agreement online, using the Aadhaar System Validation.

(Any proof Of Property Address, such as Electricty Bill / Index-2 / Property Tax Receipt.)
In case of Individuals: Aadhaar card of all parties (Landlord, Tenants and 2 witnesses) & PAN card of Landlord.
In case of Company or LLP: Incorporation Certificate, Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory, Aadhaar Of Authorized Signatory and PAN card of the Company.
In case of Partnership Firm: Partnership Deed, Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory, Aadhaar Of Authorized Signatory and PAN card of the Firm.

YOBROKERS is a Government Authorized Service Provider (ASP), to facilitate Online Rent Agreement Registration at Client's Doorstep, using the Aadhaar Biometric Validation.

If they live in a different Localities / Cities / States or Countries, we can get the Biometric capturing done separately. Don't worry, our Biometric Capturing Service is available World-wide.

Yes, a person with a Power of Attorney (POA) can be involved in e-registration of a property if the owner is outside the city / country. POA holder can be the licensor of the property.

Yes, a Registered Rent Agreement facilitated by YOBROKERS, is a valid and acceptable address proof.

Generally, it takes around 1-3 working days after submission, to get a rent agreement registered in Maharashtra. But there can be delays on the Govt side due to Technical Issues with the Online Registration System.

You can use the CALCULATOR link to determine the total amount, including the Govt Stamp Duty.

Rent Agreement is generated with Standard Terms and Conditions, as defined by the Government. For any addition, you can speak to our Customer Support Team, after reviewing the draft Rent Agreement.

Yes, you can Call \ WhatsApp our support team @ +91-97642 80781 , our executives will assist you immediately.


Zero Advance Drafting

Draft Agreement PDF is Provided even before taking advance Amount.

World-wide Service

Outstation or Abroad, USA, Europe or any other country.

Remote Coverage

We can do Registration in remote Pin codes also in India.

Standard Pricing

No hidden charges. No Overcharging. Standard pricing.

Digital Payments

Secure, Contactless, Safer and Easier Payments.

Easy Registration

No Queuing in Registration Offices. Our Doorstep Service is Seamless.

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